Balloon Parachute Artwork

In My Humble Opinion--
Balloon parachutes should not be 'plain' They should have a design of some sorts. That being said, it doesn't apply in all cases. Some balloons need a plain parachute to go with the design of the rest of the balloon. But, (in my opinion) most balloons should have some sort of design. One of the most popular designs is the smiley face. In making home built balloons, a design on the parachute adds to the complexity. On purchased balloons, it adds to the cost. Therefore, it isn't always practical. But I still think it is neat. Even a simple design of different gores different colors is better than just plain.
This web site is dedicated to show as many different balloon parachutes as I can find.
If you would like yours added, please send a picture to me:

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Last updated 3/10/2024      8:55:44

Number of ballloons = 294

Number of Pictures = 633

RegBrand / ModelBalloon NameCommentOwnerStateDate Added
Back Ground Color = Yellow is a balloon Keith Sproul owns, has owned, or has flown in
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N-48KXSproul 48K-16Lime LightArrowKeith SproulNJ6/29/2010
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N-48KXSproul 48K-16Lime LightArrowKeith SproulNJ4/29/2019

Picture by Ali Szabo
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N-73KXSproul 73K-24IndecisionArrowKeith SproulNJ6/29/2010
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N-72KXSproul 72K-TETWings of WindEye of Rah
(Back of Dollar Bill)
Keith SproulNJ6/29/2010
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N-72KXSproul 72K-TETStar TetStar
The thirteenth star on the balloon
Keith SproulNJ8/9/2010
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N-?Kubicek BalloonsInfinitudeMandlebrotJonathan WolfeNM9/30/2018

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?Kubicek BalloonsFibonacciJulia SetJason FischerPA5/28/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?Kubicek BalloonsFractal#3 USA1/19/2021

Picture from FaceBook (Balloon Talk)

Picture from FaceBook (Balloon Talk)

Picture from FaceBook
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N-9170JWolfe/SkyDyesJulia DreamTie DyeJonathan WolfeNM6/29/2010
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N-9191HWolfe/SkyDyesGloria CaeliTie DyeJonathan WolfeNM6/29/2010
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N-898RSLindstrand 90ALucy in the SkyTie DyeJonathan WolfeNM6/29/2010

Picture by Heartlover1717


Picture by Heartlover1717

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N-5013JAerostar RXS-8 (105K)SkyBluePinkSmiley FaceKeith SproulNJ6/29/2010

Picture by Jon Radowski
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N-83KXSproul 83K-16UndecidedSmiley FaceKeith SproulNJ4/29/2019
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N-7097EAerostar RXS-8 (105K)Robin's BalloonSmiley FaceKeith SproulNJ11/15/2015
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N-52227Aerostar Aurora S53A (69K)ElwoodSmiley Face with ShadesBruce BybergNJ6/29/2010
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N-52658Aerostar Aurora S53A (69K)Cool RaySmiley Face with ShadesMichael WahlAL6/29/2010
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N-9140FAerostar Aurora S53A (69K)Got the HotzSmiley Face with ShadesSteve DerebeyWA6/29/2010

2009 Alstate Festival of Balloons
Picture by Steve Derebey (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-5252HAerostar Aurora S53A (69K)Farmer's DaughterSmiley Face with ShadesKaralyn MummNV4/24/2019

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Smiley Face with Shades USA3/24/2011
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N-?Head?Mrs. Happy In CognitoSmiley Face with ShadesDerrek & Lisa DaoustVT8/10/2010

Pictures by Heartlover1717

Quechee Balloon Festival - 2007
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N-51164Aerostar RX-8 (90K)Mr. Happy In CognitoSmiley Face with ShadesDerrek & Lisa DaoustVT8/11/2010

Pictures by Heartlover1717

Mr & Mrs Happy in Cognito
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N-?Aerostar? Smiley Face with ShadesDerrek & Lisa DaoustVT6/14/2019

Picture by Sarah Rosenzweig
from FaceBook
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N-?  Smiley Face with ShadesTodd Davis?MD11/15/2015

Picture from Faceobook
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OE-SLLUltra Magic, S-105 Smiley Face with ShadesHans PravdaAustria7/4/2010

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?Cameron A-225LollygagSmiley Face with ShadesSean QuigleyNY1/15/2016

Picture from FaceBook
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N-6533QCameron Smiley Face with ShadesSean QuigleyNY6/8/2011

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-2335ZHead AX9-118 Smiley Face with ShadesDaryl TatumGA9/23/2010

Picture by Daryl Tatum (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-2335Y  Smiley Face with ShadesSteve WollerWI7/23/2018

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?  Smiley Face with Shades USA8/1/2018

Picture from FaceBook (Troy Bradley)
Bobby Bradley in picture
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N-?  Smiley Face with ShadesBob RomaneschiAZ1/28/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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N-8939DKubicek BalloonsYellow JacketSmiley Face with ShadesDelmarva Balloon Rides LLCMD8/4/2015

Picture from Facebook

Picture from Facebook
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N-9100XAerostar Smiley Face with ShadesKay WestSD1/21/2016

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?  Smiley Face with ShadesJon AndersonOK?11/2/2020

Picture from FaceBook
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C-?Bill WhelanBee ?Smiley Face with ShadesBill WhelanCanada4/29/2019

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-2194NFireFly 7-15 Smiley with LipstickRaymond & Boby NilzAZ10/12/2010

Picture taken Oct 2010 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by BJ Taylor

Pictures by Matt Hurst (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-5306TAerostar RXS-8 (105K) Smiley with Star EyesIngrid MartellNV12/27/2012

Pictures from
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N-?Kubicek BalloonsA-Nuther-StarCharles BlairNJ7/8/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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?Aerostar? Cat Smiley Face USA2/14/2013

Pictures from FaceBook © Mark Pacan

Picture from
Taken at 2013 Metz Balloon Fiesta
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N-52734Aerostar Aurora S53A (69K)Landscaper's DreamSmiley on treeScott AllenKS6/29/2010

Three Aerostar Auroras in a Row
Blue: "Cool in the Shades"
Red: "Sunny Side Up"
Green: "Landscaper's Dream"

Design from Alyssa Brown
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N-6356PAerostar Aurora S49A (54K)Xtra Friendly!Smiley FaceMark PlutaNY11/6/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
Nov 6, 2011

Picture from FaceBook
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N-90523Aerostar Aurora S49A (54K)Hot and HappySmiley FaceShirly HessKS11/23/2011
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N-7168DAerostar RX-8 (90K)Balloonacy!Smiley FaceFred Durham`TN3/25/2011

Pictures by Skip Durham (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-?Aerostar RX8 or RSX8 Smiley Face USA6/29/2010
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N-2002HCameron A-105 Smiley FaceBarry DiLiberoPA6/29/2010

Picture by Jon Radowski
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N-984KSFireFly 8 (105K)Kay-Sara IISmiley FaceBrent SeifertFL6/29/2010
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N-57194Custom Nine Smiley FacePat NilzAZ6/29/2010
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N-3635UAerostar S57A (90k)Mr. HappySmiley FaceRussell & Gay JamesCA6/29/2010

Balloon was destroyed in the Rio Grand at Fiesta 2005

Pictures by Bob Kross (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-?Aerostar Smiley Face USA6/29/2010
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N-?Aerostar RX8 or RSX8 Smiley Face USA3/25/2011

October 2008
Albuquerque, NM
Picture by Nathan Daniel (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-5314DExperimentalWhateverSmiley FaceMartin Larson
Was Mark & Kay West
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N-?LindstrandSmile HighSmiley FaceTony SicaNH7/29/2010

Pictures by Mike Barlow
New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning, Solberg Airport, July 24, 2010
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N-70979Aerostar S60A (105K)JoyfulSmiley FaceAmie CatoTX7/29/2010

Pictures from NYSFOB Website
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N-?FireFlyParty TimeSmiley Face USA8/10/2010

Pictures by Heartlover1717

Green River 2006
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Smiley Face USA9/23/2010

St Patty Day event - Belen, NM, Mar 13, 2010
Picture by Cathy (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Smiley Face USA9/23/2010

Albuquerque Fiesta 2009
Picture by Stacie Carroll (from Aunty Monkey)
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N-?  Smiley Face USA9/24/2010

Picture by Aaron Zippy Richter (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-7123YAerostar RXS-8 (105K) Smiley FaceAerial AdventuresOH10/12/2010

Picture taken Oct 2010 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by BJ Taylor
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N-6413VAerostar RX-7 (77K)Gypsy SpiritSmiley FaceDavid & Lauren BallCA1/16/2011

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-? RealitySmiley Face USA3/27/2011

Picture by Judy Woller (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-8004JCameron N-145 Smiley FaceLouis BartellUT3/30/2011
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N-516ZCameron Balloons U S Z-60 Smiley Face
For Sale 9/26/2015
For sale again 9/7/2019
Roger BrownCO5/31/2011

Picture from

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?  Smiley Face USA9/22/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
2011 Preakness Balloon Festival
by Katrina Cooper
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N-2995MCameron N-105Phantasy PhiveSmiley FaceChad DennisMI10/4/2011

Pictures taken Oct 2011 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by Keith Sproul
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Smiley Face TX?11/1/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
Big Country Balloon Feast 2011
Abilene, TX
by Nathan Ashley
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N-9146SAerostar RX-7 (77K)Happy TooSmiley FaceHannah NuszCO11/23/2011
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?  Smiley Face  12/17/2011

Pictures by rustrutn, (from Aunty Monkey)
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N-?  Smiley FaceBob RomaneschiAZ1/28/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?CameronLucky TrailsSmiley Face USA2/20/2012

Pictures by Joey Strutz (from Aunty Monkey)
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N-?Custom Nine 216 Smiley Face w Lips AZ4/21/2012

Pictures by Bob Mueller
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Smiley Face USA6/4/2012

Pictures from Subaru Commercial
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N-381KDKubicek BB30Z Smiley FaceChester DavisOH6/18/2012

Picture from Kubicek Website
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N-546WWAerostar S60A (105K)Sunny-D-LiteSmiley FaceBliss Outdoors INCCA10/14/2012

Picture by Kathey Coy Ashley
Sulphur Springs, TX 2011


Huff n Puff, 2011
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N-? Mr SmileySmiley Face USA10/20/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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N-? Strawberry BalloonSmiley Face NM?1/3/2013

Picture from © Dusty Demerson
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N-?Kubicek BalloonsTaiyoSmiley FaceDenniCA6/21/2013
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N-5289YAerostar RX-8 (90K) Smiley FaceJoseph GingerrichOH8/26/2013

Picture from FaceBook
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N-90006Aerostar Aurora S49A (54K) Smiley FaceAmerican Balloon RidesSCT5/22/2014

Pictures from
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N-207LMBest Aviation G-AA1 Smiley FaceSamuel CandersME5/31/2014

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Smiley FaceWiederkehr ?MN5/12/2015
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N-?Aerostar RX8 or RXS8 Smiley Face IL?1/20/2019

Picture from FaceBook (Karin Broten)
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LX-BGCLibert L2600RochefortSmiley FaceB.B.C. LuxembourgLuxembourg6/29/2010
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LX-BHLLibert 3000 Smiley FaceB.B.C. LuxembourgLuxembourg6/29/2010
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?  Smiley Face France6/29/2010
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OE-ZBOUltra Magic MV-77Flame RacerSmiley with View Panels Austria7/5/2010
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?Ultra Magic DuoChair Smiley FaceDavid StrasmannGermany3/24/2011

Picture by David Strasmann (From Aunty Monkey)
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?  Smiley Face UK5/15/2011
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?  Smiley Face UK5/15/2011
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?  Smiley Face / Tongue UK5/15/2011
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HB-QOKUltramagic N-180 Smiley Face / TongueStefan WalchliSwitzerland2/23/2012

Pictures from FaceBook
by Manuel Duque Montero

Picture from FaceBook
Rahel Bamert

Picture from FaceBook
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HB-QRDULTRAMAGIC M-145 Smiley Face / TongueStefu WŠlchliSwitzerland3/8/2012

Pictures from FaceBook

Pictures from FaceBook
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HB-QRCUltramagic N-355 Smiley Face / TongueStefan WalchliSwitzerland3/14/2012

Pictures from FaceeBook
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HB-QWRUltramagic M-90 Smiley Face / Tongue Switzerland5/12/2018

Pictures from FaceBook
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OO-BJMLibert L3000 Smiley Face / TongueBjorn DreesBelgium3/9/2015

Pictures from FaceBook

For Sale 3/9/2015
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N-345EXCameron Balloons Zl-65 Smiley Face / TongueBalloons Over Midland / Scott StrouseMI5/14/2019

Pictures from FaceBook

Note: Smiley Face on Scoop
For Sale 5/14/2019
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HB-QUP  Smiley Face / Tongue Switzerland4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
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G-SMILLindstrand 105 Smiley FaceAnn WadeUK6/10/2013

Picture from FaceBook
Taken at Hot Air Races, Welshpool Airfield. 08/06/013

Picture from FaceBook
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?  Smiley Face Europe6/4/2012

Picture from FaceBook © Bennie Bos
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?  Smiley Face Europe?2/10/2015

Picture from FaceBook
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n/aRadio Controlled Balloon
Home Built
Smile HighSmiley FaceTom CortenBelgium6/29/2010
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N-2469UKubicek Balloons Smiley FaceSteve LacroixNE12/29/2015

Picture from Facebook
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N-40359Cameron A-210 Smiley Face
For Sale on FaceBook 12/21/2017
Media FlyingNM12/21/2017

Pictures from FaceBook

For Sale 12/21/2017
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N-9124JAerostar S55A (77K)Seasons ChangeSmiley Face
For Sale on FaceBook 7/5/2017
Benjamin DrennanGA7/5/2017

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?Aerostar S??A Smiley Face NJ?4/9/2018

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?Aerostar RX8 or RSX8 Smiley Face NC?1/17/2019

Picture from FaceBook
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D-OXANSchroeder Fire Balloons 3400mXanten BallooningSmiley Face Germany7/5/2010
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D-OPFPKubicek BalloonsSparkasseSmiley Face Germany7/27/2011
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D-ONYXKubicek Balloons Smiley Face Germany7/27/2011
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D-OWPH  Smiley Face Germany8/28/2013

Picture from
Taken at 2013 Metz Balloon Fiesta
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D-ORLA  Smiley Face 5/18/2016

Picture from FaceBook
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D-OPIPSchroeder Fire Balloons Smiley Face
For Sale 1/11/2018
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D-DUHU  Smiley Face Germany6/21/2018
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D-?  Smiley Face Germany4/8/2013
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N-?  Smiley waving  9/24/2010

Colorado Springs 2008
Picture by Samantha (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-990EFEvan Ford Hopper Smiley Face, For Sale 3/8/2018Evan FordPA3/8/2018
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?  Smiley Winking Spain7/15/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
by Miquel Masallera
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PH-NYKLindstrand Smiley Winking Netherlands11/17/2015
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F-GZYBPilatre de Rozier Smiley WinkingRoger BolliniFrance3/19/2016
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N-51777Aerostar Aurora S53A (69K) Smiley WinkingPetra WilsonSD9/24/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?  Rat & Smiley  3/26/2011

Picture by Kevin Knapp (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-7105YFirefly 8BSmiley's DreamSmiley FaceKeith EvansUT4/10/2018

Pictures from FaceBook
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OO-BQCUltra Magic N 180FUNEmoticon SmileyGino CiersBelgium6/29/2010
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D-OOOTKubicek BalloonsTUIEmoticon Smiley Germany7/28/2011
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N-645VRAdams Balloons A55S 90KEnchanted BosqueSmiley FaceTom RandallNM12/21/2017

Pictures from FaceBook
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TC-BVIKubicek Balloons PH-425 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey7/19/2020

Pictures from FaceBook
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TC-BVAKubicek Balloons 2013/N-500 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVCKubicek Balloons 2015/N-500 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVSKubicek Balloons 2016/N-425 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVJKubicek Balloons 2016/N-425 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVOKubicek Balloons 2015/N-425 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
First    Prev    130    Next    Last
TC-BVTKubicek Balloons 2015/N-425 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVEKubicek Balloons 2012-N-250 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVVKubicek Balloons 2013/N-355 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
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TC-BVYKubicek Balloons 2013/N-355 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BRJKubicek Balloons 2012-N-250 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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TC-BVDKubicek Balloons 2012/N-210 Smiley FaceVoyager BalloonsTurkey4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
Correct picture coming soon
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F-HTTEKubicek Balloons Smiley Face & SunAir Magic, Loire ValleyFrance4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
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D-OHLWGefaFlug AS-105-GDWarsteinerSmiley Face with Eye PatchJens Gro§mannGermany4/7/2018
First    Prev    138    Next    Last
F-GYTCLlopis Balloons MA-30OnyxSmiley FacePauline ColinFrance4/7/2018
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N-363PCCameron Z-90Sky PetalsConcentric Circles
Smiley in Center
Penny ChristyCT8/11/2010

Pictures by Heartlover1717

Cambridge Balloon Festival 2009
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N-?  Smiley Face, Lipstick US4/7/2018

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?Cameron Smiley FaceRon BroderickMD12/13/2019

Picture from FaceBook
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F-HJCAKubicek BalloonsArt-MongolieresSmiley FaceFrance11/16/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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C-FOOGFireFly 9B-15 Smiley FaceFor Sale 4/11/2020Canada4/11/2020

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?Kubicek Balloons 180PirateSmiley Face with Pirate PatchTom Warren
Smart Vent for sale 4/12/2021
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N-?  Smiely Face with Shamrock EyesIL5/8/2020

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?  Two Smiley Face Balloons USA12/21/2017
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N-?Adams Cookie MonsterDaryl TatumGA5/17/2016

Pictures from FaceBook
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D-OTTT  Smiley FaceJ.Schwarzer GmbH & Co. Service KGGermany4/19/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?  Smiley Face, double wink USA4/29/2021

Picture from FaceBook
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N-?KubicekGood VibesSmiley Face with shadesIndy Hot AirIN5/19/2022

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-114LBLindstrand 90AAshley JoPeace SignSeize The Breeze LLCNJ7/21/2010

Pictures by Randy Gutentag
New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning, Solberg Airport, July 24, 2010

Picture from FaceBook
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N-111HBHead Balloons AX8-88 Peace Sign
For Sale 5/12/2021
Danita CappsCO9/13/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-90XLAerostar RX-8 (90K)KilroyKilroy, Heart, PeaceKenton SlaytonKY6/29/2010
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N-MooreKubicek Heart BeatGary MooreAZ10/18/2020

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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?  Cupid and Hearts Europe7/22/2013

Pictures from FaceBook
Lorraine 1999
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N-701FNKubicek Racer BB20GPAirgasmHeartDebby YoungNM8/6/2010

Picture by Courtney Cavinder (From Aunty Monkey)

Picture from Kubicek Website
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N-5017KAerostar S57A (90K)Cardiac Air-RestHeartColin GrahamCO9/23/2010

Picture by Colin Graham (From Aunty Monkey)

Picture by Dolly Chamness (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-1992FCameron Z-90Amelia AirHeartHeartJenny FrittonNY6/30/2016
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N-?  HeartRice?NM2/15/2012

Pictures from FaceBook © Mark Pacan
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C-BairdBaird Balloons BearLove BearHeartAlain BairdCanda12/15/2019

Pictures fro FaceBook
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N-?  Heart USA4/29/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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?  Dove of Peace  4/29/2021

Picture from FaceBook
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S-DMEV  Despicable Minion Netherlands9/3/2013

Picture from FaceBook
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N-25978Firefly 7-15CatfishRoulette WheelStephen BlissNY6/29/2010

Picture by Bret Christian (From Aunty Monkey)

Picture from Steve Bliss
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N-9713NCassidy Ron 12505 O'ClockClock FaceBlaser Swisslube INCNY6/29/2010
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N-9147YCasidyBreak TimeClock FaceRon CassidyNH5/26/2015

Picture by Heartlover1717

Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally 2015

Picture by Heartlover1717

Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally 2015

Picture by Heartlover1717

Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally 2015
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N-2184WFireFly 10FantasiaWizzards HatDenni BarrettCA6/29/2010
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N-Moore-2? Gary Moore3/9/2024

Picture from FaceBook
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N-51267Aerostar RX-7 (77K)MoonshineMoonDon StockleyUT6/29/2010
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N-2164JHead AX7 77BPalmetto PawsPalm Tree & MoonJames HendershotSC10/8/2011

Pictures taken Oct 2011 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by Keith Sproul
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N-90854FireFly 8BCosmic StairwaySaturn & StarsJames AmsonCA6/29/2010

Over the rice fields in Bayliss, CA
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N-5266TAerostar Aurora S53A (69K)Moon ShadowMoon & StarsDave & Denise ChristensenSD6/29/2010
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N-?  Moon & StarsUSA11/3/2019

Picture from FaceBook
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N-55647Aerostar / Raven S40ACasperCasper
The Friendly Ghost
John DavisCO6/29/2010
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N-7123LFireFly 7Boo BalloonBoo & GhostJim LykinsMI6/29/2010
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N-7416SBalloon Works 8B?My Witch's Broom 2Witch flying on BroomKym ButlerNY8/18/2021

Pictures from FaceBook

Pictures from FaceBook
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C-GDFxxSAerostar Aurora S53A (69K) Exclamation PointBill WhelanCanada6/29/2010
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VH-SUZKavanagh C65PenzanceSkull & Crossed SwordsSuzy ButzAustralia6/29/2010
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N-620PHKubicek BB26EHoist the ColorsSkull & Crossed SwordsPaul FeltyIN7/14/2019

Picture from FaceBook (Heidi)

Picture from FaceBook
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N-2194ZFireFly 8B-15 Alien HeadBryan MickNM6/29/2010
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N-?  This End Up  6/29/2010
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N-2580YFireFly 7-15 (77K)Champagne CowboyHidden IndianDennis & Kim ShortOK7/7/2010

Originally owned by S.E. Tangney and flown at ABQ for many years.
Rumor has it that S.E. didn't design the Indian and didn't even know it was there until the first inflation.
The dealer that ordered the balloon for him decided that if there was a cowboy on the balloon, there HAD to be an indian somewhere!
Except for the stitching, it can't be seen from the outside.

Picture by Dennis Short (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-781LBLindstrand 105ASt LouisBase BallJason GainesMO7/8/2010

2009 Howell
Megan Avery (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-317WFireFly 8Lucky CharmShamrockRay FournierFL8/10/2010

Picture by Heartlover1717

Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally 2009

Picture by Heartlover1717

Pittsfield, NH Balloon Rally 2010

Picture by Heartlover1717

Hillsboro 2010

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery

New Balloon
Picture from FaceBook
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N-7503QLindstrand 60ACherry BombCherry BombHolly PfeiferIA10/19/2010

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery

Sept 2010, Midland, MI Balloon Festival
Picture by Debbie Sproul
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C-? GatineauGatineau Canada8/19/2011

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery
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N-?Fred Williams Triangle TetrahedronFred WilliamsFL3/25/2011

12/7/2008 First Inflation
Pictures by Terri Konash (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-3171LFirefly 8B-15Lady LibertyLiberty FaceTony GoodnowKS4/6/2013
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D-OWHBKubicek BalloonsWźrzburger HofbrŠuCrown Germany7/27/2011
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HB-QZC  Cupid Switzerland2/22/2016

Pictures from Facebook (Chris Jones)
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N-?Cameron Z-105Southern IndianaSoInDan Hoehler IN5/12/2018
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C-?Alain BairdReindeerCandy CaneAlain BairdCanada5/5/2019

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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C-GULSAerostar S60A (105K) Canadian Maple LeafsWild Bill WhelanCanada6/29/2010

Picture of the real balloon

Picture of the Radio Controlled Model
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C-FESKLopushinksy DGL-75-20EmbroideryCanadian Maple LeafsDave LopushinskyCanada8/19/2010

Pictures by Heartlover1717

3rd Annual Hudson Elks Festival
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C-?Bill Whelan Canadian Maple LeafBill WhelanCanada12/6/2018

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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UltraLightBradley (32K) Tie DyeBobbie Bradley (Age 9)NM4/17/2011
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N-? The Great and PowerfulYellow Brick RoadDisney 2/10/2013

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-3002ALindstrand AX9 120ACool BreezeStarCalifornia Balloon Repair INCCA7/7/2010
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N-?  Star  9/27/2010

Picture from FaceBook
Plano TX, 2010
Picture by Stacie Caroll
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N-?Cameron Star USA8/19/2011

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery
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N-35777Aerostar RX 8 (90K) StarCharles BrownKY3/22/2012

Pictures from FaceBook
by Julie Sullivan
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N-?Aerostar RX8 or RSX8 StarBob RomaneschiAZ7/5/2012

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-? Heat WaveStarKent BarnsUT2/29/2016

Picture from FaceBook
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N-161N  StarNathan Dieringer WI8/7/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?FireFly 77KHavolineTexaco StarHenry RosenbaumVA11/21/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-616JCChris Whitfield Home Built StarChris WhitfieldOR6/3/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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F-HCDLKubicek BB34ZLady JokerStarsOwner: Ciel de Loire
Pilot: Philippe Lusley

Picture taken Oct 2011 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by Keith Sproul
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F-HILSKubicek BB34ZLady SunStarsOwner: Philippe Lusley
Pilot: Nicholas Le Franc

Picture taken Oct 2011 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by Keith Sproul
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N-?Head RacersTexas Racer & Texas StarStarsJoe & Rhett HartsillTX10/9/2011

Picture taken Oct 2011 @ Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
by Keith Sproul
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N-?N-? Star / PlanoTX3/9/2024
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N-70687FireFly 8B-15'M' Go Blue'M' MichiganAlyson MurrayMI6/29/2010

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery
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N-?  Vanderbilt Sports Medicne TN6/24/2012
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N-5286XAerostar S57A (90K)Crimson FlameOklahoma UniversityDarrell Duer JrOK9/3/2013

Picture from FaceBook
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N-2597WFireFly 7-15Spirit in de SkiesFirefly LogoBrandon EastOK6/29/2010
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N-?FireFly Firefly Logo  6/29/2010

Picture Taken @ Albuquerque Fiesta 2002
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N-242MSFireFly 7B-15Spirit in the SkyFirefly LogoMichael ScottOK6/29/2010
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N-4046YFireFly 6BSpirit in the SkyFireFly LogoMichael ScottOK3/26/2011

Picture from FaceBook
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N-2560LFireFly 7-15 FireFly LogoRegistration PendingCO10/3/2013

Pictures from Aerostatz
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N-?FireFly Firefly Logo USA8/11/2018

Picture from FaceBook
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N=?1998 Galaxy 7B Firefly LogoLance Terry For Sale 2023TX8/29/2023

Picture from FaceBook. ot Air Balloon Equipment For Sale
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?Kubicek Balloons Kubicek Logo Europe1/15/2016

Picture from FaceBook
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EC-NPAUltramagicSantander  Spain4/20/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-4509NCameron O-90New BeginningsLady BugMatt & Lorie GuthrieNM6/29/2010

Picture from FaceBook
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2013
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N-3284ZCameron COLT 105AToasted AlmondBunny OutlinesDerald YoungME6/29/2010

Picture taken @ Great Falls Balloon Fest
Lewiston/Auburn, ME, Aug 19, 2007
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N-976TCThunder & Colt 160ARaspberry RippleBunny OutlinesDerald YoungME9/1/2011

Pictures by Debbie Sproul
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N-7120AKubicek BB26DHocus PocousBunnyBrock SperryMI4/24/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-25664FireFly 7B-15Tiger PawBlack Tiger PawGeorge ThomasMO6/29/2010

Pictures taken @ Albuquerque Fiesta
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N-5079DLindstrand DogDouglas FifieldWA3/9/2024
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D-OOGW Jack WolfskinWolf Paw Germany9/6/2012

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-90WZCameron Z-90WAGZBoneDean CarltonIL5/16/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-?  Dog Bone USA11/26/2022

Picture by Debbie Sproul 10/2/2021
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N-?FireFly PigDale ? 9/27/2010

Picture by Megan Avery (From Aunty Monkey)
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C-GKRLBurman Francoeur AX6 ButterflyLeo Burman & Danielle FrancoeurCanada6/13/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
by Mike Lavoie @ XLTA 2011
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N-66050Padelt CatapillerBert PadeltPA11/19/2018
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N-?Frank (Home Built)Pink PantherPink PantherFrankUSA11/6/2020

Picture From FaceBook

Picture From FaceBook
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?Ultramagic N-180PuratosUnicornSebas FjSpain7/7/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-11UWKubicek BB30Z Cowboy on horseBruce PivicWY6/18/2012

Picture from Kubicek Website
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N-?Save the Storks3/9/2024
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G-BWBWLindstrand 77?FishbowlCat looking into fishbowlRJ LetrentNJ4/3/2014
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N-7155ZAerostar RX8Polar Secret / Polar MagicPolar BearGerry De KoevendCO6/29/2010
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N-5293EAerostar RX-8 (90K)Polar SonTwo Polar BearsRick JonesNH6/29/2010
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Snoopy NM2/19/2016

Pictures from FaceBook (Kathleen Hansen)
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N-?Kubicek BalloonsLoveStorkStephen MrozMO8/23/2019

Pictures from FaceBook

by David Bair
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3081RAerostar Aurora S55A (77K)PeacockRainbowWILLIAMS ADAM DMA6/29/2010

Picture taken @ Glens Falls Balloon Festival, NY, Sept 23, 2006

Pictures from
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N-242MSFireFly 7B-15Spirit in the SkyPink Cancer RibbonMichael ScottOK1/20/2013

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from Michael Scott
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N-?  Pink Cancer RibbonRay DonnerWI?12/15/2012

Pictures from FaceBook
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N-6317SAerostar S57A (90K)Party PandaPink Cancer RibbonTerri Bryan-RatkoviakOR6/22/2016

Picture from Brock Boehm
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N-480PJKubicek BB26Z Pink Cancer RibbonPaul OlguinAZ3/9/2018
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N-812LBLindstrand 90AWovenCancer RibbonAllan AppenzellerIA9/16/2015
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N-?Aerostar SxxA Clown  3/27/2011

Balloonapalooza, Vegas 2007
Pictures by Stephanie and Tom Virding (From Aunty Monkey)
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? PEZClown Europe?12/14/2011

Picture © Stuart Spicer (Spixpix@Flickr)
Picture taken 1989 at Metz, France
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C-FQNXAerostar S57A (90K)  Bill WhelanCanada6/29/2010

Picture taken @ Poughkeepsie NY Balloon Festival
July 21, 2007
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G-JMJR  OH! UK10/3/2012

2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010
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VH-LFS Scouts AustraliaFleur-de-lis Australia4/18/2013
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OM-8004    Slovakia9/20/2011

Picture from FaceBook © Bennie Bos
Balloonfiesta Kosice, Slovakia 2005
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?  CAT Logo  2/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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N-? PepsiPepsi LogoPatrick FogueMO7/29/2010

Pictures by Mike Barlow
New Jersey Festival Of Ballooning, Solberg Airport, July 24, 2010
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F-DMGZ Gaz de FranceFlame France8/28/2013

Picture from
Taken at 2005 Metz Balloon Fiesta

Picture from
Taken at 2005 Metz Balloon Fiesta
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C-FSD2Sundance SBA77Creamland
Moo CrewCreamland DairyCanada6/29/2010
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N-84LUCameron Sphere-9084 Lumber84Benjamin HumphreysMO6/29/2010
First    Prev    261    Next    Last
N-1997SCameron N-7784 Lumber84Mark MacSkimmingPA6/29/2010
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OK-3029Kubicek BB-22 'B' Czech Republic4/1/2013
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G-PHOTCameronAgfa Film CanAgfaFlying PicturesUK4/18/2013
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N-?FireFly We Do It All  8/19/2011

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery
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N-?Cameron Z140ApplebeesAppleSteve & Cynthia WilkinsonCA12/4/2014

Pictures from FaceBook
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?  Apple EU3/24/2011

August 14th 2009
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (From Aunty Monkey)
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N-9187YEmry E-90Fresh Aire IIIGrapesGordon EmryNE6/29/2010
First    Prev    268    Next    Last
G-BVBKThunder & ColtMaxwell House Malcolm WhiteIreland2/11/2015
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N-?FireFly Rose Flower  8/19/2011

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery
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N-?FireFly Rose Flower  1/20/2019

Picture from FaceBook (Karin Broten)
First    Prev    271    Next    Last
RA-4545GRUSBALStrawberryLady Bug Russia11/15/2018
First    Prev    272    Next    Last
F-HALN  Portrait Face Europe7/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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PH-CAS Phantom of the OperaPhantom Mask Europe10/24/2012
First    Prev    274    Next    Last
n/aRadio Controlled BalloonPhantom of the OperaPhantom MaskTrevor WhelanMA6/29/2010

Picture by Heartlover1717

The Hillsboro Balloon Fest & Fair 2007

Picture by Heartlover1717

The Hillsboro Balloon Fest & Fair 2007
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N-?Kubicek BB22XRBetty's Baby GrandMusicMichael & Betty BauwensCO3/5/2018

Pictures from FaceBook
First    Prev    276    Next    Last
N-?   David HettichCO6/21/2020

From FaceBook
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N-? Boynton CrittersPainter MI6/3/2021
First    Prev    278    Next    Last
PH-PZWCameron BalloonbierlingballonvaartenNetherlands5/25/2022

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
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N-1053KVOYAGER IBeach BallArrowsChristine SerraNJ6/29/2010
First    Prev    280    Next    Last
N-159TDUltramagicMischiefFire?BLUFF CITY BALLOONS LLC
Toni Durham?

Picture from FaceBook Toni Durham

Picture from FaceBook Toni Durham
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N-433TCThunder & Colt 69A 7th Flag of TexasGuy GauthierTX7/7/2010

Artwork is the 7th flag of Texas, once the "Republic of the Rio Grande"
Incorporating a part of Texas and parts of northern Mexico.
The other six flags that have flown over the state of Texas are on the body of the balloon.

Longview, TX
Picture by Stacie Carroll
First    Prev    282    Next    Last
N-? Yellow RoseTexas FlagGlen Moyer?TX4/7/2018

From FaceBook, Glen Moyer?
First    Prev    283    Next    Last
N-?Thunder & Colt 77ATexasState of Texas TX7/14/2010

Pictures from eBay
First    Prev    284    Next    Last
N-802ZKKubicek BalloonsKisses of FireNew Mexico FlagEric HodgesNM12/27/2016

Pictures from FaceBook
First    Prev    285    Next    Last
N-4009XAdams A55SBurning DesireNew Mexico FlagKurt Van SantNM9/30/2017

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook
First    Prev    286    Next    Last
N->Aerostar New Mexico Flag NM10/21/2023
First    Prev    287    Next    Last
G-?Lindstrand 90 British FlagAndrew HollyUK5/6/2019

Picture from FaceBook
First    Prev    288    Next    Last
G-XBXX  British Flag UK8/4/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
First    Prev    289    Next    Last
G-CLOM  British FlagAtmosphere BallooningUK5/4/2021
First    Prev    290    Next    Last
G-CLOH  British FlagAtmosphere BallooningUK5/4/2021
First    Prev    291    Next    Last
G-CLOJ  British FlagAtmosphere BallooningUK5/4/2021
First    Prev    292    Next    Last
? Flag of FirePhilippine Flag Balloon Philippine2/20/2017

Pictures from FaceBook
First    Prev    293    Next    Last
OK-1912  AJ Czech Republic6/14/2019

Pictures from FaceBook
First    Prev    294    Next    Last
N-? ZeiglerZeigler Auto GroupDerrick JonesMI4/5/2021

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,

for there you have been and there you will long to return."

- Leonardo da Vinci

"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill."
- Wilbur Wright

"Ballooning is a philosophy of life. You're a prisoner of the wind. You can swear, shout, pray, cry - and it doesn't matter.
But if you change your altitude, you can go a different direction"

- Bertrand Piccard

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."
- Will Smith

"Time is the most valuable gift you can give someone"
- Unknown

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