Chariot Balloons

There are basically three different types of hot air balloons:
  1. Normal Balloons (Wicker baskets, hold several people)
  2. Cloud Hoppers (One man balloon, tank on your back)
  3. Chariots (one or two person balloon, you sit on a seat)

This site is dedicated to information and pictures about Chariot balloons
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Last updated 11/30/2022

Number of ballloons = 42

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RegBrand / ModelBalloon NameCommentOwnerStateDate Added
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G-BSENThunder & Colt SkyChariotBlue Thunder Keith SproulNJ3/7/2011
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N-48KXThunder & Colt SkyChariotLimeLight Keith SproulNJ3/7/2011
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N-48KXThunder & Colt SkyChariotLimeLight Keith SproulNJ3/7/2011

Keith Sproul purchased this T&C SkyChariot from Lithuania in January 2011
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N-73KXCameron Duo AirchairIndecision Keith SproulNJ6/10/2018
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G-BSOFThunder & Colt SkyChariotThunder & Colt SkyChariot  UK12/10/2019

Picture from FaceBook
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BristolThunder & Colt SkyChariotBristolBristolBristol University Hot Air Balloon SocietyUK3/8/2011

Bristol University Hot Air Balloon Society's T&C Chariot (2006)

Bristol University Hot Air Balloon Society's T&C Chariot (2001
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G-BWOYThunder & Colt SkyChariot   UK3/8/2011
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N-1196RThunder & Colt SkyChariot Raven envelope over T&C SkyChariotAndy DaveyEurope5/3/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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PH-EJDThunder & Colt SkyChariot   Netherlands7/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
First flight PH-EJD in Inzell.
T&C 31A, built 1991 (cn 2020). Ex HB-BUG
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G-BHURThunder & Colt SkyChariot   UK7/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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HB-BBSThunder & Colt SkyChariot   Switzerland7/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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G-BXXUThunder & Colt SkyChariot  SADE BALLOONS LTDUK3/27/2013

Picture Brian Nicholas
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G-CCSIThunder & Colt SkyChariotIKEA IKEA (London)UK8/13/2013
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G-BKBDThunder & Colt SkyChariot   UK8/11/2018

Pictures from FaceBook
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G-BVOZThunder & Colt SkyChariotBritish School of BallooningChateau DoexGraeme ScaifeUK2/11/2021

Picture from FaceBook Chariot of the Day
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?Thunder & Colt SkyChariot  Bruno MoutarlierEurope3/12/2013

Picture from FaceBook © Bennie Bos
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?Thunder & Colt SkyChariot  Mathieu Dekock?Belgium2/9/2013

Picture from FaceBook
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?Thunder & Colt Older Version    3/12/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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?Thunder SkyChariot  Rick ThorneNY7/12/2011

Rick Thorne's Thunder SkyChariot
This has been in a barn for over 20 years
Purchased by Rick Thorne in 2011
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UltraLightThunder & Colt ? ChariotRoller Skate Lou BarthelemyNJ3/23/2011
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HB-HABThunder SkyChariot   Switzerland7/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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PH-OLAThunder SkyChariot   Europe?4/10/2013
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G-DBATThunder & Colt DuoChariot  Graham BellUK3/7/2011

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?Thunder & Colt DuoChariot  Matthew Scaife
Nicola Cronin

Pictures by Matthew Scaife (From Aunty Monkey)
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G-BVHPThunder & Colt DuoChariot   Belgium4/3/2011

Picture from FaceBook
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N-995LBThunder & Colt DuoChariotJoellyMichael Glenn Flying JoellyBob RomaneschiAZ10/10/2011

Picture from FaceBook
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PH-EJWThunder & Colt DuoChariot  Erik Jan DoornewaardNetherlands5/10/2012
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N-90PYCameron Duo AirchairPapillon Keith SproulNJ1/9/2016
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PH-ENRCameron Duo Airchair  Van Manen B.V.Netherlands3/8/2011
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PH-MADCameron Duo Airchair  M. van DijkNetherlands9/13/2011

Pictures from FaceBook
Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons 2011
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?Cameron Duo Airchair  Pauline BakerIreland5/3/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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?Cameron Duo Airchair   Europe6/4/2012

Picture from FaceBook © Bennie Bos
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?Cameron Duo Airchair  Team Barneveld 4/10/2013

Picture by Andrew Kaye (From Google+)
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G-?Cameron Duo Airchair  Malcolm WhiteEngland?11/30/2022
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N-3987HOlder Cameron Chariot  Scott SaxtonPA3/7/2011

Wellsville Balloon Rally
Picture by Brian Magee
from Aunty Monkey
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n/aHomebuilt DuoChariot  Keith SproulNJ3/7/2011
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Ultra LightBill Whelan's Duo-Chair  Bill WheleanCanada3/7/2011
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N-383NBRET 31A  Bill AdlerTX11/27/2011
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VH-PYQHomebuilt Duo Chair  Nigel FlynnAustralia7/25/2012

Picture from FaceBook
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N-3558ZHomebuilt / Aerostar  Michael EhrlerKY3/11/2013
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?Homebuilt?  Carlo Arendt 6/10/2018

Picture from FaceBook
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?Thunder & Colt SkyChariotCowCow Appendage Balloon Europe11/6/2019

Picture from FaceBook

Picture from FaceBook

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been and there you will long to return."

- Leonardo da Vinci

"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill."
- Wilbur Wright

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."
- Will Smith

"Time is the most valuable gift you can give someone"
- Unknown

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