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Mark Sproul's 15 ft Dome Observatory


Click here for full dome construction pictures


This was taken with a 71mm F5.9 (FL = 420) William Optics scope and a ZWO 1600MC camera
This is from a single 75 second exposure.


I installed the 16 inch Newtonian over the weekend with Keith's help and tonight I was able to get it on the moon.


This a stacked and processed image after the collumation was improved. There is still a little more to be done


This was taken with the 14.5 inch Cassegrain telescope using a ZWO monochrome camera and R,G,B filters.

Same Data, better processing


This is my first Jupiter, taken last night with the 14 inch RC-Cassegrain telescope. The seeing was not very good.
It was taken with three 1 minute movies of over 1000 frames each. The 3 frames were taken with Red, Green and Blue filters respectively.
Then the each of the movies was stacked, removing the fuzzy frames. Only 20% of the frames were kept.
Then I did some image enhancement (image sharpen). This is where I need more work and need to learn more about how to use the software to bring out the detail.
Then the 3, stacked and sharpened images where then merged into a color image.
The GRS (Great Red Spot) is clearly visible in the lower right.

Jupiter taken @ Mt Wilson California using a 6 inch refracting telescope

Full Moon, taken with William Optics

Moon Taken with William Optics

Moon Taken with William Optics GT-102

First Image of stars
M45 - Pleiades (7 Sisters)

First image of moon

Dome on Garage

14" Cassegrain Telescope Mounted
Walls Completed

16" Newtonian Telescope

Telescope Inventory

Telscope F-# Brand Source

8" Newtonian F/8 Cave Astrola Tim Hayes
8" Newtonian F/6 Cave Astrola Neaf 2016
10" Newtonian F/6 Cave Astrola Cloudy Nights
12.5" Newtonian F/6 Cave Astrola Stellafane 2016
14.5" RC-Cassegrain F/13 Starliner Cloudy Nights 2016
16" Newtonian F/4 Astroscopics EBay 1999

3" Refractor F/5.9 William Optics Stellafane 2017
4" Refractor F/6.9 William Optics Stellafane 2018

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