University Balloons

University Balloons

Some Universities have Hot Air Balloons.
This website is dedicated to show as many University Hot Air Balloons as I can find.
If you would like yours added, please send a picture to me:

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Kansas State

N-2203BFireFly 7B-15The Purple BalloonConnie GoodnowKansas
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University of Kansas

N-7253KBalloon Works Firefly 7-15Air HawkSteven LibelFlorida
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Michigan University

N-70687FireFly 8B-15'M' Go BlueBrian CountsMichigan

Picture from FaceBook
by Megan Avery
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Michigan State University

N-?Aerostar RX?Sparty Michigan
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Boise State University

N-63068Aerostar RX-8 (90K) Sandi OsheaIdaho
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N-9070QAerostar RX-8 (90K)The ScholarshipBoise Hot Air LLCIdaho
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Vanderbilt University Medical Center

N-?   Tennessee
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Florida State University

N-3634GAerostar RX-8 (90K) Capt Repers Balloon Co INCFlorida

Picture © Geoge Garcia (bigfootballoon)
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N-9108FAerostar Aurora S49A (54K) Carol RogersFlorida
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Oklahoma University

N-5286XAerostar S57A (90K)OU SoonersDarrell Duer JrOklahoma

Picture from FaceBook
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Oklahoma University

N-?Adams 105OU SoonersTom & Ellen RandallOklahoma
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Millersville University

N-? Millersville Pennsylvania

Bird-in-Hand, PA 9/2013
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University of Iowa

N-? Hawkeyes Iowa
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University of Iowa

N-?Aerostar SxxAHawkeyes? Iowa
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Iowa State

N-?Aerostar SxxACyclones? Iowa

Picture from FaceBook
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Harvard University

N-5004ZAerostar RX-8 (90K) Richard PowellPennsylvania

May 2003
Letchworth State Park, NY
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Texas A&M

N-?Raven (Aerostar)  Texas

Picture © Geoge Garcia (bigfootballoon)
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RMIT University

VH-ITUKavanagh E-240  Austrailia
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So Chalmers University of Technology

G-CDRFCameron Z-90AkkaChalmers Ballong CorpsSweeden
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Loughborough University

G-CGNJCameron Z-105 Loughborough Students Union
Hot Air Balloon Club
United Kingdom
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University of Bristol

G-CDWDCameron Z-105 Bristol University
Hot Air Ballooning Society
United Kingdom
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Edinburgh University

G-CFDFUltramagic S-90 Edinburgh University
Hot Air Balloon Club
United Kingdom
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University of Nottingham

G-NUNILindstrand 77A Janet Ann FolkesUnited Kingdom

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been and there you will long to return."

- Leonardo da Vinci

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."
- Anonymous

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