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"Star Tet" Festivals

Date (2012)EventLocationWeb Site
Oct 26-28Pirates of the Canyon
Amarillo Invitational Balloon Rally
Palo Duro State Park
Amarillo, TX
Canyon Pictures

Date (2011)EventLocationWeb Site
June 17-18West Chester County Balloon FestivalWest Chester, PA 
Oct 28-30Pirates of the Canyon
Amarillo Invitational Balloon Rally
Palo Duro State Park
Amarillo, TX
Canyon Pictures

Date (2010)EventLocationWeb Site
Oct 2-10Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Pilot John Hofer
Oct 22-24Pirates of the Canyon
Amarillo Invitational Balloon Rally
Pilot Debbie Sproul
Palo Duro Canyon Pictures

"Blaser Tet" Festivals

Date (2009)EventLocationWeb Site
Sept 3-7New York State Festival of Balloons
Pilot Debbie Sproul
Oct 3-11Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Pilot Debbie Sproul
Oct 30 - Nov 1Pirates of the Canyon
Amarillo Invitational Balloon Rally
Pilot Debbie Sproul
Palo Duro Canyon Pictures
Dec 4-7Red Rock Balloon Rally
Pilot Debbie Sproul

Date (2007)EventLocationWeb Site
Mar 24 - Apr 2Emmental Balloon WeekHasle-Ruegsau
Jun 1-3Experimental LTA (XLTA)Amherst,

"Wings of Wind" Festivals

Date (2008)EventLocationWeb Site
Feb 1-3Meteor CraterWinslow,
Oct 4-12 Albuquerque International Balloon FiestaAlbuquerque,

Date (2007)EventLocationWeb Site
Jun 1-3Experimental LTA (XLTA)Amherst,
Oct 5-14Albuquerque International Balloon FiestaAlbuquerque,
Oct 26-28 Pirates of the Canyon
Amarillo Invitational Balloon Rally
Amarillo, TX
Palo Duro Canyon Pictures
Nov 30 - Dec 2Red Rock Balloon RallyGallup,

Date (2006)EventLocationWeb Site
Jun 2-4Experimental LTA (XLTA)Amherst,
Oct 7-15 Albuquerque International Balloon FiestaAlbuquerque,
Dec 1-3Red Rock Balloon RallyGallup,

Date (2005)EventLocationWeb Site
May 27-30Letchworth Red, White & Blue Balloon RallyLetchworth State Park,
Jun 17-19Summer Heat Balloon FestivalMuncie, INSummer Heat Balloon Festival
July 15-17Jackson Hot Air JubileeJackson,
Sept 2-4New York State Festival of BalloonsDansville,
Sept 9-11Atlantic Balloon FestivalSussex, NB,
Oct 1-9Albuquerque International Balloon FiestaAlbuquerque,
Dec 2-4Red Rock Balloon RallyGallup,

Date (2004)EventLocationWeb Site
Sept 11Raritan Twp DayRaritan Twp, NJ 
Sept 24-26Keystone International Balloon FestivalLancaster, PA 
Oct 2-10Albuquerque International Balloon FiestaAlbuquerque,
Dec 3-5Holiday Balloon FestBattle Creek,

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Design of third Tetrahedron, "Star Tet"
a Red White & Blue Tetrahedron

We came up with idea March 10, 2006
Project started May 2, 2009
First Cold Inflation Aug 7, 2010
First Hot Inflation Aug 14, 2010
First Flight Aug 21, 2010
Top View

Side View

First Cold Inflation, Aug 7, 2010

Test Inflation, to check everything out.

Look Ma, No basket!

A look inside at the top point

Pictures by Kenny Adamsbaum

Pictures by MaryJo Wolfenden

First Hot Inflation, Aug 14, 2010

First Flight, Aug 21, 2010

Interesting Deflation

Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo, TX, Oct 23, 2010

Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo, TX, Oct 2012

We made the front page of the Amarillo Globe News

Picture Jeff Heimsath / Amarillo Globe News

Picture from FaceBook

Picture 2012 Jim Hester

Picture 2012 Jim Hester

Picture 2012 Jim Hester

Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo, TX, Oct 2012

Pictures © 2012 Tom Weisbrook

Picture 2012 Tom Weisbrook

Picture 2012 Tom Weisbrook

EBAA, Post Mills Airport, VT, May 19, 2015

Picture by Kelbi Magnuson

Design of Second Tetrahedron"Blaser Tet"

Project started October 29, 2005

Cold Inflation, Feb 8, 2006

Hot Inflation, Mar 8, 2006

Even Mother Nature likes this shape

Trip to Switzerland March-Apr 2007

Albuquerque 2009

Albuquerque Blaser Tet Pictures by BJ Taylor

Red Rock Balloon Festival, Gallup NM 2009

Gallup, NM Red Rocks Balloon Festival, Pilot Debbie Sproul

Design of First Tetrahedron, "Wings of Wind"

Project started March 14th, 2004

Hot Inflation, Mon August 23rd, 2004

FAA Inspection, Harrisburg, PA, Saturday, September 4th, 2004 (am)

First Flight, Saturday, September 4th, 2004 (pm)

Tether, Tuesday, Sept 7th, 2004

Note: Parachute Artwork is now finished
It glows GREAT!

5th Flight, Sunday September 12th, 2004

A view from below

A view from above (Abq 2004)

Flight in Lancaster Pa, Sept 2004

Flights in Albuquerque 2004

Albuquerque 2004, A View from Above

Red Rock Balloon Rally Dec 2005, sitting on a rock

Red Rock Balloon Rally Dec 2005, Near Church Rock

Red Rock Balloon Rally Dec 2005 What we saw looking back

Albuquerque 2007, Dawn Patrol

Picture by LT Swistoski

NYSFOB Dansville, NY Sept 2008

Picture from

Albuquerque 2008, Dawn Patrol

Albuquerque 2008, Landing

Picture from by Facebook, by Elaine Heiland
"Wings of Wind - Pilot Keith Sproul....
This photo was taken on Oct 7th,2008. It was a beautiful Ballon.
Keith is a wonderful survivor of Ballooning.
God Bless Him... "

Last updated 5/21/2015

Number of ballloons = 29

Number of Pictures = 40

List of Known Tetrahedron Hot Air Balloons

(Chronological Order)
RegistrationBuilderNameLocationYear BuiltSize
First    Prev    1    Next    Last
N-?Raven Industries (Aerostar) SD197356,000 cu ft?

Picture courtesy of Greg Winker
First    Prev    2    Next    Last
N-?Tracy BarnesSolar Firefly NC1973203,120 cu ft

Picture courtesy of Balloon Life, Jan 1993

Picture courtesy of Malcolm McLeod, Regina, SK., Canada
Picture taken at Red Deer, Alberta, Canada 1978

Picture from FaceBook (Parker Russo)
First    Prev    3    Next    Last
-Raven IndustriesCondorPeru1975Smoke Balloon

Balloon Flown in Peru by Julian Nott & Jim Woodman in 1975
Photograph by Larry Dale Gordon
First    Prev    4    Next    Last
-Bert PadeltCondor IIPeru2002

Balloon Flown in Peru by Julian Nott & Peter Cuneo in 2002 Pictures Julian Nott 2002, See
Julian Nott's Nazca Balloon Flight Web Page

Pictures Julian Nott 2002
First    Prev    5    Next    Last
N-3213B  GA2002?37,000 cu ft

Originally made for Tim Cole, then sold to David Harwell in GA, then to Dan Jones in GA
First    Prev    6    Next    Last
N-72KXKeith SproulWings of WindNJ200475
First    Prev    7    Next    Last
N-2536KSteve HunterTetrahCOMarch 2005
First    Prev    8    Next    Last
N-9713TKeith SproulBlaser TetNJFeb 200646,000 cu ft
First    Prev    9    Next    Last
N-?Andy Richardson IN200694,000 cu ft

In progress, making a HUGE Black, Purple and Blue Tetrahedron
(Still not done as of 9/10/2010)
First    Prev    10    Next    Last
N-8173Greg Winker007 ?WAMay 200727,000 cu ft

First Flight
First    Prev    11    Next    Last
N-7035TBob LeDoux ORMay 200772,000 cu ft
First    Prev    12    Next    Last
N-?Fred Williams FL200840,000?

12/7/2008 First Inflation
Pictures by Terri Konash (From Aunty Monkey)
First    Prev    13    Next    Last
N-72KXKeith SproulStar TetNJAug 201075

8/14/2010 First inflation
Solberg Airport, Readington, NJ

Albuquerque, 2010
Picture by Donna Warren
First    Prev    14    Next    Last
N-528BABob RomaneschiMagic HatAZSummer 2007
First    Prev    15    Next    Last
N-72KBBarbi Hann / Kent BarnesTetra ThangCO200672,000 cu ft
First    Prev    16    Next    Last
N-?Buster Hicks GA200777,000+ cu ft
First    Prev    17    Next    Last
D-?Christoph Stierle Germany200846,000 cu ft
First    Prev    18    Next    Last
N-?Michael ONeill CO2008?
First    Prev    19    Next    Last
N-?Larry Nelson  201146
First    Prev    20    Next    Last
VH-XTBNigel Flynn Australia201270,000 cu ft

Project started 2011

5/15/2012 First Inflation
First    Prev    21    Next    Last

List of Known
Radio Controlled Tetrahedron Hot Air Balloons

First    Prev    22    Next    Last
n/aKeith Sproul NJApril 20044,000 cu ft?
First    Prev    23    Next    Last
n/a  EnglandPicture taken
Summer 2010

Picture by Jamie Edwards (From FaceBook)
First    Prev    24    Next    Last
OO-BELMathieu Dekock BelgiumR/C

Picture by Dominique Viard

Picture by Dominique Viard
First    Prev    25    Next    Last
D-OTETFrank Schnelle GermanyR/C
First    Prev    26    Next    Last
n/a  FranceR/C
First    Prev    27    Next    Last
OO-MLMRobin Thijs BelgiumR/C

Picture from FaceBook
First    Prev    28    Next    Last
RCBob Baker UK?R/C

Picture from FaceBook
First    Prev    29    Next    Last

If you know of other Tetrahedron Hot Air Balloons, please let me know

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"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards,
for there you have been and there you will long to return."

- Leonardo da Vinci

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."
- Anonymous

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